Island Critters Series

Living in such a beautiful place with pristine surroundings, you simply can't help but take notice of the natural wonders around you. I've always wanted to write "when I get older", then earlier this year I suddenly realised... "I am older!" 🙂 As a lover of puns, word play and rhymes, it seemed only inevitable that I would one day write a story that started off as a simple limerick. I became concerned about a local bush stone-curlew living at the back of Jasmine Cottage that could only croak, and I pondered over why it couldn't sing like the rest of the noisy curlews in our neighbourhood. Hence, the reason for my first book. All my books rhyme and tell an interesting story of animals that we share Keswick Island with. Each one ends with a life lesson that can be learned from the story. The aim is to provide enjoyment for children while they are learning to read, and to give them a little something extra to take away from the tale. I have just submitted a Regional Art Development Fund application to see if I can get a government grant to illustrate the first 3 books. I will announce when the books are re-released with illustrations.

My books are independently published through Amazon, and each edition below is connected to my author's page where you can purchase an ebook, paperback and in the future, audio books. Did you know you don't need to have a kindle to read kindle books from Amazon? They have a free Kindle app you can download to read kindle stories on any device. Once you reach Amazon, please scroll down to see the full list of books and types available. If you'd like to get a paperback copy, which can also be used as a colouring-in book, please buy from the Amazon US store. They're not available from the Australian store... yet.

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