Welcome to EvieB.com! My name is Eva Browne-Paterson, and I have been marketing online since the late 90’s with many more years of offline marketing experience under my belt in the corporate sector.

I left my full-time job the first time in 2000 with the aim to publish an ezine, EvieB’s New-Z. Even though I was asked and did go back to work part-time for a few years, I successfully published my ezines for 10 years. I stopped publishing when I branched out into other new emerging technologies, because it was taking up valuable time that I preferred to utilise elsewhere. I still kept writing as a copywriter though because when the words want to flow, there’s nothing I can do to stop them!

During all those years, my passions have remained the same; working on websites and advertisements in the following areas:

  • Copywriting – salesletters, advertising copy, autoresponder series, articles and short reports.
  • Graphic design – headers, backgrounds, banners, buttons, slideshows, animated graphics and social media images.
  • Website design – WordPress blogs, website templates and individual sites from scratch.
  • Site administration – Traffic exchanges, safelists, membership sites and client websites.
  • Script enhancement – Improving processes to make them quicker and easier for users and website visitors.
  • Mobile design – Making responsive mobile websites and apps for small business.
  • Social media – Creating social media pages, administering client’s social media accounts, making new posts and replying to comments, and setting up advertising campaigns.

To me, marketing is all about getting the word out to the public about what you have to offer, and it’s a pleasure to help people by introducing new time/money saving processes, and to attract new prospects that use their products and services.

If you don’t have a web/mobile presence or you’re just starting out, if you don’t have time to do any of this marketing stuff, or you think you’re currently shelling out too much every month for little return, then it’s time to open the doors of communication and touch base with me. That’s my area of expertise and what I’m here for. :)

There are many skills I possess that I can put to work to help you in your particular area of need. Simply browse through the main menu to find the right place to start, or contact me with your details and information about what you are looking for, and I will do my best to help you.

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